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Tickle Your Grey Cells

Puzzle corner is a dedicated section for honing analytical, mathematical and reasoning skills. In this section every week you will find five Puzzles. Theses mind twisters have been carefully selected after a thorough research and provide right inputs for tickling your grey cells. Solving puzzles is considered very good exercise so as to remain mentally active. Puzzle solving enhances memory and processing speed.

Puzzle is one of the most popular category in competitive examinations. All the major Indian MBA entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT and SNAP have direct questions or questions based on similar logics in written test. Besides MBA exams, competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, Bank PO, SSC & other government exams include puzzle questions. Most of the companies while recruiting through campus includes Puzzles in the written tests or at interview stage. Hence those who are preparing for campus placement tests this section is a must.

Week of the Year 

+ means ‘ is greater than’
- Means ‘ is less than’
× means ‘ is not greater than’
÷ means ‘ is not less than’
p – q - r implies
(a) p – q + r (b) q + p – r (c) r × q + p (d) q + p ÷ r
p – q - r means p < q < r and this relation implies that q > p < r i.e. q + p – r . So answer is (b) option.

There are as many four-legged chairs and as many four-legged tables as workers in the office of Yamraj, and as many three-legged stools as four-legged almirahs. If the number of stools be one more than number of workers and the total number of legs be 585,then what is the number of workers in the office?
4 legged chairs = 4 legged tables = number of workers.
3 legged stools = 4 legged almirahs
No. of stools = 1 + no. of workers
Total no. of legs = 585, Let the total number of workers= x.
2x + x × 4 + (x+1) 3 + (x+1) 4 = 585....x = 34.
Thus number of workers are 34.

If the second, third, fifth, eighth and ninth letters of the word CONTEMPTS are combined to form a meaningful word, what will be the middle letter of that word? If more than one such Words can be formed, your answer is X and if no such word can be formed, your answer is Y.
(a) X     (b) O     (c) A     (d) Y
Three meaningful words ‘NOTES’,'TONES', 'STONE' can be made. So answer is (a) option.


2 9 14 13
5 p 17 q

The diagram above is a ‘ magic square’ in which all rows and columns and both diagonals add Up to 38. Find pq.

2 9 14 13
15 12 3 8
5 6 17 10
16 11 4 7

So answer is 6×10 = 60.

If MADRAS is coded as 19-7-10-24-7-25, how will you code SPIDER?
Each letter is added + 6 steps to its alphabetical position.. So answer will be: 25-22-15-10-11-24.

At 8:20 A.M., through how many degrees the hour hand of a clock moved since midnight?
After midnight at 9.00 A.M. Movement = 30×8 = 240°. In 20 minutes movement = 20x30/60 = 10° Total= 240° + 10° = 250°.

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